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Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Bipol - Ritual


Sello: Ant-Zen
Nº catálogo: act 201
Estilo: Industrial rítmico, hay alguna pincelada de IDM, y ritmos downtempo, tribal, techno.

30 Ago 2007, 20:03

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Caroline K - Now Wait For Last Year (Earthly Delights -EARTH001 LP, 1987)

A1 _ The Happening World (20:18 )
B1 _ Animallattice (4:49)
B2 _ Chearth (5:56)
B3 _ Tracking With Close-Ups (4:39)
B4 _ Leaving (2:32)

Caroline K. Walters, colaboradora de Nigel Ayers en los inicios de Nocturnal Emissions, Now Wait For Last Year es el único álbum que produjo en solitario, siendo la primera referencia del sello Earthly Delights.

El lp se divide en dos partes: la cara A, con un tema de ambient industrial (aislacionista, "isolationism ambient") de 20 minutos y la cara B, con cuatro temas cortos con un sonido diferente, no sé si decir cercano al darkwave o synth... por esos caminos me pierdo.


10 May 2008, 10:40

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Oren Ambarchi & Z'EV - Spirit Transform Me

Label: Tzadik
Catalog: TZ 8123
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 2008

Fragmentos en juno:
01 _ Alef
02 _ Bet
03 _ Gimel

Fragmentos en Boomkat:

Wikipedia (en) escribió:
Oren Ambarchi is an electronic guitarist and drummer with longstanding interests in transcending conventional instrumental approaches. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1969 to a Sephardi Jewish family originally from Iraq, he has been performing live since 1986. He was a member of noise band Phlegm with Robbie Avenaim, with whom he now co-organises the What Is Music Festival. His work focuses mainly on the exploration of the guitar, though he also plays percussion in some of his live performances. Recently, he has toured with drone doom band Sunn O))) as well as releasing an EP with Attila Csihar and Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson under the name Burial Chamber Trio. Ambarchi also works in popular music contexts and is a drummer for the group Sun with vocalist Chris Townend formerly of Kiss My Poodles Donkey.

Oren Ambarchi myspace

Wikipedia (en) escribió:
Z'EV (born Stefan Joel Weisser, at 7:58 a.m. on February 8, 1951 in Los Angeles, California) is an American text-sound artist and mystic who is perhaps best known for his work as a catacoustic (reflected sound-based) percussionist.

Working in "anonymity even within avant-garde and noise circles" according to critic John Bush, Weisser has performed for over 30 years, and is regarded as a pioneer of industrial music.

After studying at CalArts with poet Emmett Williams, Weisser produced works using the name S. Weisser, primarily concentrating on visual and sound poetries. In 1972, he was included in the "Second Generation" show at the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco.

Beginning in the early 1970s, Weisser began creating his own percussion instruments from materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and PVC plastics. Initially these instruments were assemblages of self-made instruments, used with a movement-based performance style that was a form of marionette (although with the performer visible). Weisser has since come to refer to this performance mode as 'wild-style', a term originally related to graffiti.


His work with both text and sound has been influenced by the Middle Eastern mystical system best known as Kabbalah (although not of the Jewish variety), as well as - but not limited to - African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian rhythms, musics and cultures. He has studied Ewe (Ghana) music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala.

His recordings have been released by labels such as CIP, Cold Spring, Die Stadt, Soleilmoon, Tzadik Records, Subterranean and Touch Records.'EV


Oren Ambarchi


13 May 2008, 21:39

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Estaba haciendo un repaso ahora de las referencias que no he escuchado del sello Praxis y me he encontrado con un EP muy bestia.

[praxis 25] Potere Occulto - Potere Occulto (1999)

a. Llancaiach Fawr
b. Mynydd Ddu
c. Llyn Llaich Owain
d. Zeroth

Colaboración de Christoph Fringeli, el capo del sello, con los hermanos John y Paul Healy (es decir, Somatic Responses).

Cuatro temas industriales, ruidosos y rítmicos. Me quedo sobretodo con las acojonantes melodías y atmósferas de Llancaiach Fawr y el ritmo gabber de Zeroth.

10 Ago 2008, 19:05

Registrado: 30 Ago 2008, 13:59
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:lol: ....Me Gustaria conocer mas sobre lo propuesto y opinar. Alguien me puede responder ok.

30 Ago 2008, 14:26

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Dale a esto que estoy escuchando ahora mismo, por ejemplo:


PGR (Kim Cascone), Merzbow & Asmus Tietchens - Grav (Silent Records, 1991)

1 _ The Book Of A Thousand Hands (22:06)
2 _ Three Hemispheres (21:09)
3 _ Hymns From The Furnace (22:39)

Tres temas de largo desarrollo, algo más de 20 minutos cada uno como puedes ver. Para abrir el CD, The Book Of A Thousand Hands, sonidos metálicos con atmósferas intensas y juego con el silencio. Three Hemispheres es el más esquizo y ruidista de los tres. Más serenidad y sosiego encontramos a la hora de finalizar el álbum, con Hymns From The Furnance; atmósferas y ruidos más sutiles que en los dos temas anteriores.

11 Sep 2008, 14:12

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Zoviet France - Live in Chula Vista, California, 1991

Concierto que se celebró en una logia masónica de la ciudad de Chula Vista, California.

18 Sep 2008, 21:22
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Decree, no se si los conceis me imagino que si, es un proyecto de un miembro de FLA concretamente Chris Peterson...solo tienen dos albumes Wake of devastation de 1997 y Moment of Silence de 2004..son bastante mas ruidosos que FLA incluso me atreviera a decir de su primer disco que es como un cruce entre Nitzer Ebb y Merzbow pero mas experimental y desfasado, con un sonido chirriante y oxidado..

"I think the world is a dead carcass and I think the purpose of human beings is as maggots..." - Alison Moyet.

30 Sep 2008, 17:43

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Tibetan Red - Tibetan Red (Gràcia Territori Sonor, 2000)


1. Scanning (19:58)
2. Kalahari Fire Birth (19:41)
3. The Sistine Chapel (23:21)

Descàrrega disponible a Nostalgie de la boue blogspot.

"To put your entire musical output on one CD, and thus offering the "complete works by" - what an interesting idea (that's why I am so fond of Varese and Webern - the consequent, small body of work). In the mid 80s somebody recorded as Tibetan Red, having one track on the LP 'Freedom In A Vacuum', the first release by a label with the same name and a cassette on that very same label. That somebody came from Spain, went to Canada and is now in Southern Europe. Thus we see the CD released on a label from Barcelona.
'Scanning' (the comp piece aswell in it's complete form on cassette) is an excellent piece of layered shortwave sounds, morse codes and underlying drones from a synth. 'Kalahari Fire Birth' uses many unidentifable sounds, set against the tape-loop (sampling was virtually non-existent in those days) of ethno origin. A raw version of zoviet*france like ambience. 'The Sistine Chapel' is a previously unreleased track, and also works with looped ethno material, here the didgeredoo. All three tracks clock at 20 minutes and all have a trance like spirit, without leaping into boredom. What I particulary like about this CD is the undated, fresh rawness of the 80s cassette movement, transformed to CD. An aural document of the 'anything goes' attitude, which Vital owes it's credit to, too".

Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly N° 244

Salvador Francesch (Tibetan Red) bio:

Salvador Francesch was born in 1945 in Barcelona, in the 1960´s readings on Western and Eastern philosophies prompted him to travel extensively for a period of few years in Europe, the Middle and Far East motivated by a quest into the sources of Eastern Philosophy. He spent one year in India studying Metaphysics with B.L. P. Bedi. In 1968 while staying in India he begun painting to research the potentiality of colour as Colour to manifest states of inner consciousness. During the three years period of his travels, he had the opportunity to delve into several spiritual traditions and systems of knowledge which uncovered the basis of his research. Upon his return from India in 1970 he spend six months in Amsterdam where he decided to seek residence in Canada.

In 1972 he met his long life companion Ángels Tebé in Barcelona, and in 1974 they moved to Toronto, Canada, where they were married the following year. He pursued independent studies related to Esoteric Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Vedanta, Ethnology, Shamanism and Ritual Art, along with his core studies strongly focused on the teachings by The Tibetan of the Trans-Himalayan School of Thought through the books of Alice B. Bailey. During 1974-1977 attended an independent study group on Eastern Philosophy and Metaphysics. In 1980 he received a BA from the department of Philosophy at York University in Toronto, as he continued to work in his paintings and sculptures.

In 1980 he became a Canadian citizen.

During the 70’s and 80’s Salvador Francesch endeavoured to present his art work to several fringe art galleries in Toronto with no response.

In 1981 he travelled to the Trans-Himalayan regions of Sikkim, Nepal, Lahoul, and Ladakh for further research on ritual art and Shamanism.

During the 1980´s Francesch produced, wrote and presented The Labyrinth a weekly radio program for CKLN Radio in Toronto, a program intended to explore the metaphysics of rebellion through sound performance. He also collaborated and contributed to the radio program Possible Musics designed to play recordings of ethnic music and comment on its ceremonial and ritual aspects. He conducted extensive interviews with prominent artist musicians of the time. In 1987 he free lanced by producing, writing and presenting several radio programs for Radio Nacional de España La Dos which texts under the concept ”Ars Sonora” presented the audio proposals of experimental, avant-garde, repetitive and generative musics. And in 1990 for the CBC Toronto, he produced a series of radio programs to introduce the audience into traditional ethnic music.

In 1985 he created an audio experimental sound entity under the name Tibetan Red, a conceptual idea that was born out of the mist of post-punk nihilist philosophy. During that time under the banner “everything was possible” and the do-it-yourself philosophy, a myriad of mosaic experimental sounds took place which greatly expanded and hanged the scope of experimental music. Tibetan Red’s proposal is to explore other possible readings of given sound texts, by extracting and adding his own created sounds which search for massive tapestries of psychic geographies.

From 1987-1989 Francesch collaborated as artistic advisor to the Theatre del Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. And he contributed ideas and concepts to the performing theatrical group La Fura dels Baus.

From 1990-1998 he worked for the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada. This opportunity allowed Francesch to search into some of the essential tenets of the First Nations circular philosophy which entails concepts related to interrelationship, impermanence and interdependence among others of ceremonial art, burial, ornamentation, circular use of sounds and Mother/Earth consciousness which are all closely linked with some of the basic principles of Trans-Himalayan Philosophy.

In 1996 Salvador Francesch finally made it into Tibet, his life long aspiration where he visited more than thirty monasteries and “gompas” along with many religious sites and ritual constructions as he was researching notions related to ritual art and its relationship with Lamaism. This impressive first voyage became a turning point of his art work. The majestic presence of the land, the depth of its solitude, its profound silence and the intrinsic esoteric atmosphere greatly influenced in a definitive way the direction of his art work.

He completed the Tibet experience when in 1998 he travelled to the Western Tibet regions of Mount Kailash, the ancient Kingdom of Guge main city Tsaparang, Tirthapuri, the Chang Tang plateau and the three sister lakes of Mapham, Dangra and Namtso, to continue his research and further explore the different aspects of the Bön religion and ritual art.

Upon his return from Tibet in 1998 Salvador Francesch after almost 25 years of residence in Canada, packed everything and relocated from Toronto to the Northern Catalonian region of the Pyrenees in the province of Girona, where he lives and continues working on his art work and his studies on Eastern Philosophy.

In 2005 he travelled to Japan for further research on Shintoism and its relationship to Zen Buddhism and Shamanism.

16 Nov 2008, 06:20

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Ambient noise desde EEUU, descubierto gracias al blog Nostalgie de la boue.

Alias: PBK
Real Name: Phillip B. Klingler
Profile: For 20+ years PBK has been active in the experimental music underground. His music has been documented on over 35 full-length releases and countless compilation albums. He has collaborated with many experimental musicians and composers from around the globe. His wide range of collaborative works, including co-productions with Japanese poet, Kei Kunihiro; Belgian ambient composer, Vidna Obmana; German sound-experimentalist, Asmus Tietchens; Athan Maroulis, lead singer for industrial band Spahn Ranch(and brother of American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis); Jarboe, formerly of Swans; and many others have received great critical notice and allowed PBK's work to be heard by an ever-widening audience.
Collaborations: Artemiy Artemiev(Russia)
Nigel Ayers(Nocturnal Emissions; UK)
Big City Orchestra(USA)
Anla Courtis(Reynols; Argentina)
Illusion Of Safety(USA)
Jarboe(Swans; USA)
Christian Renou(Brume; France)
Dirk Serries(Vidna Obmana; Belgium)
Asmus Tietchens(Cluster; Germany)
Wolf Eyes(USA)
Yasutoshi Yoshida(Govt. Alpha, S. Isabella; Japan)

URL: (álbumes disponibles a través de descarga directa)

Ya me he hecho con uno de sus álbumes: A Noise Supreme, Early Solo Works 1986-89


Imagen (mp3 320kbps + covers)

Percusiones, sonidos metálicos, loops y por supuesto ruido y atmósferas potentes.

26 Nov 2008, 11:38

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Otro directo de :zoviet*france:, tres días posterior al celebrado en la logia masónica de Chula Vista; también en California, en esta ocasión en un club de San Francisco (Kennel Club):

Zoviet France live @ Kennel Club, San Francisco (05.06.1991) part 1 38 m.

Zoviet France live @ Kennel Club, San Francisco (05.06.1991) part 2 45 m.

05 Dic 2008, 14:53

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Viva los buenos blogs!

:zoviet*france: live @ Earshot festival, Newcastle upon Tyne (October 1990) 42 m. escribió:
Earshot Festival October 1990 (Zoviet France, Etant Donnes, Co Caspar, Sigillum S and Nocturnal Emissions, unreleased live recordings)
A two day festival in Newcastle in 1990 of which the Dutch radio broadcasted these live recordings somewhere late 1990. Especially of interest is the forty three minute live recording from zoviet*france, but the others are nice as well, though much shorter. Sigillum S, whom I never liked, play a cover of Kraftwerk's 'Radioactivity'. Also on the festival were THU20, Silent Rumble and Test Dept, although I really don't recall seeing them when I was there.

Se adjunta otro archivo con lives de Etant Donnes, Nocturnal Emissions, Sigillum S. Fragmentos breves, poco más de 10 minutos cada uno:

14 Dic 2008, 20:49
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Bueno pues parece ser que los rumores eran ciertos: ... s&id=99844



12 Ene 2009, 15:18

Registrado: 20 Ago 2007, 17:03
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Y el día anterior en Barcelona, aunque no tengo compañía para ir a un concierto de este tipo (podría plantearme ir sólo). A ver si sale un directo potente y si te apetece cuentas algo.

13 Ene 2009, 14:32

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Circles Of Infinity (Myotis Records, 1998)

Catalog#: MYO.002
Format: 2 x Cassette, Compilation (Limited to 150 copies)
Country: Belgium
Released: Jul 1998

Recopilación en la que se juntan varios pesos pesados de la música post-industrial, ambient, experimental: Rapoon, Brume, Kapotte Muziek, Troum, Aube, Ultra Milkmaids, Big City Orchestra.

Este es uno de esos blogs en los que se hace trabajo de exploración puro y duro. Auténticos descubrimientos.

15 Ene 2009, 15:42
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