Seek 2012 live@BAS Madrid (VIDEO)

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Seek 2012 live@BAS Madrid (VIDEO)

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Barcelona masterminds of Electro-Bass and Electro-Funk, Dark Vektor and Downrocks, joined forces few years ago to make this project alive.

Seek 2012 were presenting their first work, an EP called "HUNAB-KU" released by Beathazard Recordings in February 2011 with a nice limited vinyl edition: ... k-2012-h...

They did their first live show ever in Madrid. 50 minutes on the stage at the "Madrid My Beat" party organized by B.A.S. collective.
Place: Specka (Madrid)
Date: 01/October/2011

Complex rhythm sequences with a nice collection of vocoders, analog bass and lot of human-hand played stuff on the stage (no laptops allowed).


- Intro
- Thumper
- Cuerpo Celeste
- Veritat
- Hunab-Ku
- Soy Tuluum
- This Is A Future That Already Happened
- 2012
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Re: Seek 2012 live@BAS Madrid (VIDEO)

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Grandísimo directo este que vivimos.