Exium: "El Techno es energía, es como la materia, ..."

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Re: Exium: "El Techno es energía, es como la materia, ..."

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In our next podcast episode we are proud to present veteran Spanish duo, EXIUM. Composed of Valetin Corujo and Hector Sandoval based out of Asturias, Spain, they are top-notch DJs and producers who have been active for the past 15 years and managing their own label, Nheoma, since 2004. They released their second album, A Sensible Alternative to Emotion, to great acclaim on Polegroup Recordings this past summer, characterized by a slower, deeper, and more cerebral take of their sound while still carrying the melodic trademark which they are known for. In the next hour, they showcase this style in full force, mixing and layering a slew of exquisite material from the best and most current in techno today - deep, sublime, and driving; this is Exium. Enjoy!
BOC – Sundown
Marcel Dettmann – Ductil
Steffi – Attacke
Jeroen Search – Informa Experiments
PAS – Undertow
Luis Ruiz – Dilmun (Reeko remix)
Wire – Word
Christian Wünsch – Alpha particle
Exium – Star ancestors
Pfirter – Crash
Lewis Fauzti & Nuklear Default – Sinister
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist – Mark
Regis – Keeep planning
Pfirter – Tide (Exium remix)
Ctrls – Displacer (Sleeparchive version 1)
Astronomical Telegram – Near (Ducerey Ada Nexino remix)
Par Grindvik – The planets
Eomac – Myth of origins
La música es para compartir, no para competir...
FIGHT!!! d(-_-)b