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Underground Resistance se centra en el formato digital

A través de un comunicado emitido ayer en Facebook, Submerge Distribution explicaba a todos sus clientes y seguidores los problemas que están experimentando con la situación actual de las plantas de planchado de vinilo.

Los sellos pequeños se encuentran teniendo que esperar varios meses hasta que pueden tener los vinilos listos para su venta y este hecho está obligando a muchos a replantearse la manera de vender la música. Desde Detroit, Mike Banks explica que la situación actual les obliga a tener que esperar una media de nueve meses hasta que puedan empezar a ingresar dinero de sus referencias y es algo que un sello como el suyo no se lo puede permitir. Para adaptarse a ello han avisado que por el momento todo los titulos distribuídos por Submerge sólo podrán encontrarse en vinilo en la tienda Somewhere In Detroit ya que no se podrán realizar peticiones online como hasta ahora. A la vez anuncian la próxima apertura de una tienda digital a través de Bandcamp con todas las referencias de Underground Resistance y Red Planet en formato digital y masterizadas por Dj Skurge que superarán el nivel de los archivos que hay ahora mismo en la red, archivos de los que dice el propio Banks que la mayoría están "en baja resolución o han sido 'ripeados' de los vinilos y la gran mayoría son ilegales".

Puedes leer el comunicado al completo en inglés a continuación:

A Letter to our Customers

from ; Submerge Distribution/ Mad Mike Attn; Some of you may have experienced a lack of response to your recently placed orders. We do apologize for this inconvenience as we know it may have affected your holiday season shopping. Unfortunately my sister Bridgette who manages the Submerge Distribution mail order business has fallen ill. Since December 2 to present she has been unable to come to work. We were hoping that she could but this has not been the case.
IF you have placed an order and sent your money via Pay Pal and you need to be refunded please email us at please include your order # and the date ordered and your refund will be processed very soon. IF you wish to keep your order in the system. Don't do anything and we will process your order as soon as possible. For 25 years straight Bridgette has shipped the Gospel of Detroit Techno music to destinations all over this planet more than anyone in the world! She has done all of Submerge's mail order & shipping. We are a very small business, in an increasingly competitive environment (selling primarily vinyl records) we do appreciate those who know and your continued interest in electronic music from the inner city of Detroit. But our reality here is difficult.

If you love vinyl you already understand and value that sometimes you will have to wait on it (pressing/plating) turn around times now average 6 months due to the new found popularity of vinyl. Factors that are negatively affecting turn around time are as follows: more security clearances required on airborne packages! the major labels are now repressing rock, disco & soul classics and small new labels & individuals that can financially survive a nine month turnaround and often pay upfront to manaufacturers are pressing records as well.

All this extra manufacturing combined with still only a handful of places to manufacture has created a traffic jam at the Pressing Plants. The plants obviously get to the smaller orders last (repressings) and service those who pay upfront first or larger runs (cant blame em on that)!! In addition with Distributor payment time at minimum 90 days that makes NINE MONTHS before anybody gets paid for that record!!) as opposed to the 30 to 90 day turnaround on everything in the 80's, 90's & early 2000's when only the American inner cities were pressing most of the vinyl records being made here in the USA. Ultimately this reality makes it extremely difficult for real urban inner city labels here in Detroit. As we cannot afford to float money over a 9 month period. We realize in order to survive we will have to adapt to remain in the Olympic Stadium of Electronic Music we helped build.
Soon we will offer a Band Camp digital delivery service featuring UR & Red Planet digitally mastered by none other than DJ SKURGE of UR at sonic levels unmatched by any other site on the web (all UR & RP stuff on the web now are low res or copied from vinyl records and almost all are illegal!!!)
Submerge is also revamping its website so we will be submerged until further notice. For now no new orders will be processed. Only refunds and orders that stayed in the system (from Dec 2 till today ) will be processed to ship out. Please contact your local distributor or retailer for our products. Walk in customers to our SID store who are respectful and have an appointment are always welcome. This will be the only sure way to get our products for now. To make an appointment contact

Thank you for your patience and support........................Mad Mike

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