Publicado el 27.11.2010

Descarga: Submerge Mix

Orlando Solis aka Submerge se ha currado un megamix de hora y media para despedir el 2010 y lo ha colgado en Soundcloud para disfrute de todos.

01:Brian Burger, Magnetic Fields, Virgil Enzinger, Promo
02:Deh-Noizer, Jungle, Skyline Grooves, Promo
03:Logotech, Becoming, Ryuji Takeuchi Remix, Promo
04:Pfirter, The Dub, Len Faki Remix, Figure, Promo
05:Bodyscrub, Format, Flawer and Borsato Remix
06:Morbeck, b1, Vault Series
07:Robert Armani, Blow that shit out, Audio Injection Edit, Promo
08:Green Velvet, Flash, The advent and Industrialyzer edit, Promo
09:Deh-Noizer, Primeiro Comando, Skyline Grooves records, Promo
10:BCR Boys, Attenuate, Audio Injection remix, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Promo
11:Andre Walter and Chris Hope, I Take, Driving Forces Records
12:Frenkie V, Exclude, Promo
13:Andre Walter and Chris Hope, Collateral Damage, Driving Forces Records
14:Green Velvet, Skyhook
15:Patrick Siech, Crude, Drumcode
16:Armando, Down Fall, The Advent tribute edit, Promo
17:Slam, Metro Noir, Drumcode
18:Da Fresh, Once again, 1605
19:Mory Kante, Yeke Yeke, Submerge Edit
20:Monoloc, No house, Sleaze
21:Martyn Feat. Spaceape, Is this insanity,
22:Traverable Wormhole, Exoctic Matter, Terence Fixmer Remix
23:Ben Klock, Static test
24:Frenkie V, Gunfire Killing, Promo
25:Pierre-Pfantasy Club, Fantasy Girl, Submerge Edit
26:Deh-Noizer-Yakuza, Skyline Grooves records, Promo
27:David Christoph, Rulino, A-Brothers Remix, Promo
28:Ade Fenton, Chasing the Drago, I.Cntrl and Impact Mechanics
29:Alex Bau, Hey Bronco, Credo
30:Fast Eddie, Clap our hands, Angel Alanis Edit
31:Pig and Dan, Addiction, The Advent and Industrialyzer
32:Andy White, 03.210 Track 2, Promo
33:Luke Slater, Boom Tang Shwuck, Ostgut Ton
34:The Advent and Industrialyzer, Jonestown, Codeworks
35:Roland Abel, Prison of Reality, I.Cntrl
36:Samual L. Session, Set the Time, Klap Klap
37: Samual L. Session, Set the Drums, Klap Klap
38:Kroman Celik, Analeague, Impact Mechanics promo
39:The Advent and Industrialyzer, Moonshine, Kombination research
40:Logotech, Glys, Promo
41: The Advent and Industrialyzer, Yellow Fish, Codeworks
42:Ade Fenton, Chasing the Dragon Virgil Enzinger and Submerge remix
43:Sasha Carassi, Hypercombo, Drumcode
44:Mike Humphries, Test Flight, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Promo
45:Decimal, Melody Attack, Sandwell District remix, Soma
46: System Breakdown, Assumption of Reality, I.cntrl