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Dave Clarke

01 Beuys Von Telekraft "My Name is Telekraft" (Datapunk)
02 C System "Playing with Dogs (Rob Gibson Remix)" (Advanced)
03 The Hacker "White Techno Funk"
04 The House Vectorz "We Bring You Music" (M_O_S)
05 Andrew Redhand "Detroit Sunset v2" (Demo)
06 Synapse "Mech Annoyed (Dexorcist Remix)" (Bassgun)
07 Dimitri Andreas "Tiger" (Token)
08 DJ Bone "Himbot" (Sect)
09 Faceless Mind "Ocean Movers (vcs2600 Science Remix)" (Creme)
10 Christopher Kah "Santovarian" (Pre release)

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