5 Years Deep Baked / Episode 1
Jennifer Cardini + Aleksej Levski + Baha + Ferenc Merker + Ralf Jakob + Francis Cornad

Horario: 23:00 - 06:00
Precio: 12/10 €
Lugar: Grelle Forelle
Dirección: Spittelauer Lände 12 (Viena , Austria)
Más información
5 years Deep Baked ▬ Five years are actually not long, but they feel like an eternity in the world of events. This eternity could also be described as a roller coaster of emotions, characterized above all by a lot of affection and friendship, even in sometimes difficult situations, because to come down to the common denominator is sometimes a challenge. Five years have now passed, in which we were allowed to fulfill one or the other musical dream and will continue to do so, because Deep Baked always had only idealism as its goal. We are glad that we are still able to do what we do, working with great people, great clubs such as Grelle Forelle, SASS and Flex, as well as great artists with whom we always established a great connection during our nights. This event will be our first episode of our fifth anniversary, which we will celebrate throughout 2018 with 5 events, starting with one of the most experienced DJs in House and Techno - Jennifer Cardini.

We want to thank you as well, all the dancers and supporters who animated the artists to push their own musical boundaries. At this point we want to thank the artists we had so far: DixonTale Of UsÂme (live and DJ), Job JobseBarnt, Fango, Skee MaskRedshapeFJAAKRed Axes, Mind Against, XosarInterstellar FunkLegoweltBjarkiRoman FlügelAlex Smoke and Boddika


Jennifer Cardini
Correspondant | Berlin

Deep Baked Residents:
Aleksej Levski / Baha / Ferenc Merker
Ralf Jakob / Francis Conrad