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Field Maneuvers
The Black Madonna + Ben Ufo + Avalon Emerson + Luke Slater + Dj Stingray + Umfang + Ben Sims + Ryan Elliott + Nick Höppner (Ukg Set) + Shanti Celeste + Auntie Flo + Or:la + Eris Drew + Sandrien   + Anastasia Kristensen + Teki Latex + Peaches + Elena Colombi + Desert Sound Colony + Giant Swan (Live) + Mark Archer B2B Dj Hectick (Jungle Set) + Renegade Soundwave + Hannah Holland & Dan Beaumont + Machine + 12th Isle + Touch From A Distance + Telfort + Brackles + Dj Persuasion + Kiara Scuro + Iona + Jaye Ward + Miro Sundaymusiq, + Make Me + Local Group + Souvenir + Brother Nebula + Opal Sunn + Cameo Blush + Alice & Lucy Ironmonger + Cobby + Joel Kane + Sofa Sofa + Cornerstone Soundsystem + Ambient Babestation Meltdown + Tom Unlikely + Ears Have Eyes + ...

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Del 30 de agosto al 1 de septiembre

Returning for an almighty seventh year, today Field Maneuvers announces one of their biggest line-ups to date with The Black Madonna, Ben UFO, Luke Slater, DJ Stingray, Anastasia Kristensen, Eris Drew, Or:la, Teki Latex, Peach + many more. 800 people, 3 nights, 1 field, the festival retains the ethos its had since the beginning - a small, inclusive party that showcases the best aspects of what the electronic scene has to offer. Situated just 45 minutes from the M25, Field Maneuvers is the perfect way to see out the summer, do not sleep on tickets: