Doc Martin + Adnan Sharif + Leanord
Horario: 14:30 - 20:30
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Public Works
Dirección: 161 Erie Street (San Francisco, CA , USA)
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Breathless with anticipation for this one? You're about to be breathless from losing your sh*t for a few hours when you come to PW for these two afternoon sets from the legendary Doc Martin, undoubtedly one of hte greatest house DJs ever. If you stacked every record he ever owned, well, let's just say the stack would be really, really high. With Saturday openers Dusty Carter (Kazbah / Delta Funk) and CJ Larsen (Robsoul / Delta Funk) and Sunday's Adnan Sharif (Foward SF/ D-Edge) and Leanord (Common Ground / Tocadisco) this is going to be a mesmerizing experience. Let's all go to the future, and have ourselves a blast.