United We Stream: Radialsystem
Dorit Chrysler + alexandra Cárdenas + midori Hirano + Donna Maya + jd Zazie + The Liz

Horario: 19:00 - 00:00
Precio: Gratis
Lugar: Internet
Dirección: Retransmisión en directo (Retransmisión en directo , Internet)

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Just as in previous editions, the festival highlights a selection of cutting edge sounds from hero*ines of in the electronic music landscape from Berlin’s international scene. The artists showcase a broad range of styles and techniques and represent not only a wide array of aesthetics, but encourage the audience to re-think current sound practices and investigate new forms of dialogue.

With this year celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Theremin, therefore Heroines of Sound have invited the illustrious Dorit Chrysler as well as Donna Maya to demonstrate their deft handling of the instrument. Alexandra Cárdenas, one of the top female characters in the live coding scene will demonstrate, her take on algo-rave. The Liz will also play live, they are a trio of improvising musicians working together to cross over boundaries of media, gender, genre, culture, and species: using hybrids to spawn a single vision. While Midori Hirano and JD Zazie will play live based on their respective new albums which have been released. Expect experimental electro-acoustics, and avant-turntablism.