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Epizode 4
3lias + Abelle + Agents Of Time + Agoria + Akilam + Alci + Alinep + Alvaro Suarez + Anja Schneider + Anna Nova + Apollonia + Arapu + Asael Weiss + Balinsky + Behrouz + Ben Pound + Ben Ufo + Binh + Birds Of Mind + Bobby. + Bruno Curtis + Butch + Cabanne + Carl Craig + Chaim + Christian Löffler + Cinthie + Craig Richards + Denis Kaznacheev + Dewalta & Mike Shannon + Di Linh + Digby + Dj Dustin + Dj Masda + Djebali + Dott + Eсhonomist + Eats Everything + Egyptian Lover + Elli + Elliot English + Ernest Kalinin + Fideles + Francesco Del Garda + Funkwise + Gab Rhome + Gabby + Gabri-l + Gabriele Saccani + Gescu + Gevorg Simonyan + Giorgia Angiuli + Given + Goosebumps + Guti + Herb Cabral + Hilu + Hurryup + Hvob + Jamie Jones + Janeret + Jenia Tarsol + John Loo + Kabuto + Karina Saakyan + Kerry Wallace + Kiasmos (Dj Set) + Kino Todo + Kolford + Konstantin + Konstantin Sibold + Leafar Legov + Lehar + Levi Oi + Lilly Palmer + Loco Dice + Lorensiya + Map.Ache + Marco Yanes + Martin Lugtu + Mashkov + Mathew Jonson Matías Aguayo + Mica + Molly + Moodymann + Mountain People + Naoki Serizawa + Nastia + Nesta + Nicolas Lutz + O.Bee + Ouissam + Panthera Krause + Paquita Gordon + Parallells + Patrick Topping + Pawsa + Petre Inspirescu + Phuong Dan + Pi-ge + Raha + Rammö + Ranishe Niyaak + Raphael Merheb + Raresh + Red Axes + Rhadoo + Ricardo Villalobos + Richy Ahmed + Rocca + S.A.M. + Sam Shure + Sancho + Satori + Se/rio + Sofia Rodina + Sonja Moonear + Soundwalk Collective + Stefano Noferini + Sunju Hargun + Tal Cohen + Tijana T + Trikk + Varhat + Vera + Vlada + Waff + William Djoko + Yate + Youandme + Zendid

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LUGAR: Diferentes Espacios
DIRECCIÓN: Diferentes Espacios
PAÍS: Vietnam

Más Información

Del 27 de diciembre de 2019 al 7 de enero de 2020

Epizode Music and Art Festival returns for a much-anticipated fourth edition from December 27, 2019 – January 7, 2020. Situated on Vietnam's Phu Quoc Island, this idyllic setting boasts green-blue tropical seas, epis sunsets and white sand beaches, where every December the world’s best house, minimal and techno DJs join forces for an epic week-long soundtrack. 

The now globally-acclaimed festival builds a bridge between the East and West as an international music gathering of the highest order, and this year will explore an even wider musical landscape  along with striking art installations, creative stage designs and top-class soundsystems. 

The second line-up announcement includes even more of the world’s greatest musicians and selectors, including Behrouz, Ben UFO, Carl Craig, Christian Loffler, Egyptian Lover, Jamie Jones, Kiasmos (DJ set), Luciano, Moodymann, Nastia, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh, Red Axes, Rhadoo, Richy Ahmed, Satori and Sonja Moonear. 

Aside from the above names, the festival will draw on further local and international talents such as Alci, Anna Nova, Bnh, Cabanne, Chaim, Cinthie, Denis Kaznacheev, DeWalta & Shannon, Digby, DJ Masda, Djebali, Edward, EllI, Fideles, Given, Janeret, Jenia Tarsol, Konstantin, Konstantin Sibold, Leafar Legov, Map.ache, Matias Aguayo, Molly, O.Bee, Panthera Krause, Patrick Topping, Phoung Dan, Ranishe Niyaak, S.A.M, Trikk, Varhat, Vera, Vlada, youANDme and Zendid. 

The aforementioned names join an already stacked bill of local and international talent including Ricardo Villalobos, Apollonia, Craig Richards, DOTT, Lehar, Loco Dice, Mashokov, Nicolas Lutz, Ouissam, Sofia Rodina, Sunju Hargun, wAFF and William Djoko. 

With more than 70 names on show, Epizode 2019 makes for a diverse, eclectic and discerning line-up that is truly unique to the region. Besides the aforementioned names, further announcements are still yet to be announced, with numerous label showcases and intriguing party concepts both in the works. 

11-day Multi Passes are still available at €259, as well as Sister Multi Passes which allow two ladies to enter for the price of one ticket, while three-person Group Multi Passes are at €649. 3-day Multi Passes are priced at €109 and tickets can be purchased online via the Epizode website at

EPIZODE is a music and art festival held at Vietnam’s most picturesque island getaway, Phu Quoc. The 11-day long festival kicks off after Christmas and ploughs through the hustle and bustle of the New Year. Over the last three editions, the festival has successfully featured some of the biggest electronic music headliners including the likes of Carl Cox, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, [a:rpia:r], alongside some of the most prolific talents in Asia. In 2019, attendance rates doubled from previous years, with more than 10,000 people from 79 countries. In only three years, EPIZODE is already recognized as one of the most iconic electronic music festivals in Asia. It is also touted as one of the best NYE music getaways that gathers ravers, industry folks and avid travelers in a dreamy environment equipped with an unparalleled music selection, combined with next level production in an artistic setting. 


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