[Sound Room] Wreck And Reference (Live) + Gdfx + Canal Street Electronics
Horario: 20:00
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Public Records
Dirección: 233 Butler St. Brooklyn (Nueva York , USA)
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FRI 8.16

Experimental duo Wreck and Reference celebrate the release of their fourth studio album “Absolute Still Life” in the Sound Room. The album marks a radical departure from the band’s heavy and noise rock origins and finds them driving toward a more electronic and abstract dimension. Like past albums, warped synthesizers and pillaged samples build up the harmonic elements of the songs, but the absence of acoustic drums gives Absolute Still Life a colder, more alien aesthetic. With fewer screams and stranger textures than before, Wreck and Reference find themselves alone again in uncharted and uncategorizable territory.

Opening for the duo are:
-Canal Street Electronics

This is an all ages show

Start time: 8pm