Omo Igi + Ned Nice + Mr. Tipton + Lethal Trip + Ashley Oakley

Horario: 21:00
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Elsewhere
Dirección: 599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn (Nueva York , USA)
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Groundwire’s core lineup contains DJs born and raised in NYC, the Tri-State area, and even some farther out. All of us are enthralled by the inclusive spirit of NYC and were brought together as a group by the common experience of working at a record shop. One could say our shared interest in digging deeper is what led us to find each other at this shop. As far as musical selection, the only expectation is that the music will be dance floor suitable, in a variety of mediums, spanning both older and contemporary releases. We’ve had recent parties at Jupiter Disco, H0l0, Rebecca’s and 444 club.