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Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2017
Bicep (Live) + Dj Marky + Gorgon City + Green Velvet + Justin Martin + Leon Vynehall + Low End Theory + Matthew Dear + Michael Mayer + Ostgut Ton + Pete Tong + Tokimonsta + Aaron Dilloway + Billy Cladwell + D Double E + Dajae + Dj Voices + Efdemin + Harvard Bass + Jdh & Dave P + Jimmy Edgar + Joe Pompeo + John Tejada (Live) + Kami + Kill Frenzy + Kingdom + Kobosil + Long Count Cycle + Lustmord + Martyn + Massimiliano Pagliara Riva Starr + Ryan Elliott + Sonns + Tobias. (Live) + Turtle Bugg + Zephyr Ann + ...

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Diferentes Espacios

DIRECCIÓN: Diferentes Espacios

Del 12 al 14 de octubre de 2017

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival will be returning to locations throughout Brooklyn October 12-14, 2017, marking its 10th year of forward thinking curation and innovative programming. Spanning over 3 days, the varied events and featured will be hosted by multiple traditional and non-traditional venues integrated within the local community.

Highlights from this year's musical programming include Bicep (live), an Ostgut Ton stage, Green Velvet's Relief Records showcase, Pete Tong, Gorgon City,'s Kingdom stage, a Kompakt curated stage, The Long Count Cycle, Leon Vynehall, Justin Martin, and Low End Theory. In addition to club events and live shows, the festival will also include industry panels presented by Noisey and THUMP, and a record fair presented by Other Music. 

Since it’s inception in 2008, BEMF has established itself as Brooklyn’s seminal independent music event, bringing together international and local talent to showcase the city’s electronic music landscape. As a leader in forward thinking music, BEMF taps into the diversity of the NYC scene, thereby bringing together fans of all sorts. Never one to play it safe, BEMF is renowned for taking risks and for consistently working with partners also on the vanguard. Through highlighting both emerging artists and iconic veterans, BEMF continues to push the boundaries of unique sounds.