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Houghton 2019
A-future + A.L.F.O.S + Akufen [Live] + Alex Downey + Amit + Andrew Weatherall + Andy Blake + Aneesh + Angie Dixon + Antal + Appleblim + Awkward Moments [Live] + Baby Vulture + Begin [Live] + Belle Bette + Ben Ufo + Bill Brewster + Billy Nasty + Binh + Biosphere [Live] + Blotter Trax [Live] + Bobby. + Borgar Magneson [Live] + Bruce + C.A.R. [Live & Dj]+ Calibre + Call Super + Carlos Boix + Cassy + Cedric Woo + Chris Farrell + Chris Sullivan + Christophe + Claude Dousset + Clive Henry + Colleen 'cosmo' Murphy + Convextion [Live] + Craig Richards + D. Tiffany + Dan Beaumont + Danny Bushes + Darshan Jesrani + Dave Harvey + Dbridge + Derrick Carter Does Disco + Digby + Dj Masda + Dj Stingray + Dj Three + Dmx Krew [Live] + Do Or Die + Doc Martin + Donna Leake + Dr Horn + Dyed Soundorom + E/tape + Edward [Live & Dj] + Eldoko + Eliphino + Elliot Galvin Trio [Live] + Fabian Lassonde + Fantastic Twins [Live] + Felix Dickinson + Flanger [Live] + Floating Points + Four Tet + Francesco Del Garda + Frank Butters + Freedom Engine [Live] + Fumiya Tanaka + Gerd Janson + Hamid + Hamish Cole And Toby Nicholas + Harri Pepper + Harvey Sutherland [Live] + Helena Hauff + Hiroto + Honey Soundsystem + Horror Inc. [Live] + Horse Meat Disco + Howie B [Live] + Hunee + Idjut Boys + Intergalactic Gary + Ivan Smagghe + Jake Manders + Jane Fitz + Jayson Wynters + Jenny Jen + Jensen Interceptor + Jerry Dammers + Jon K + Jonny Rock + Josh Cheon + Joy Orbison + Juju & Jordash [Live] + Justin Robertson + Karen Gwyer [Live] + Khidja [Live & Dj] + Kijana + Kino + Kirsti Weir + Kongo Dia Ntotila [Live] + Krywald & Farrer + Laura Jones + Lo Shea + Luca Lozano + Lukas Wigflex + Maarja Nuut [Live] + Magda + Magic Mountain High [Live] + Manfredas + Margaret Dygas + Mariiin + Mark Ernestus [Dj] + Mark Ernestus N'dagga Rhythm Force [Live] + Master & Commander + Matthew Halsall [Live] Maayan Nidam [Live & Dj] + Mc Drs + Michelle [Live] + Midland + Mixmaster Morris + Move D + Mr Price + Mr Shiver + Nathan Gregory + Neville Watson + Nick Luscombe + Nick The Record + Nicolas Lutz + Not An Animal + Object Blue [Live] + Oli Silva + Omar + Optimo + Palms Trax + Pearson Sound + Peter Adjaye + Peverelist + Pol Valls + Pole [Live] + Powder + Prosumer + Psychemagik + Radioactive Man [Live] + Ralph Lawson + Randall + Raresh + Ray + Reda + Reedale Rise [Live] + Renata + Rhadoo + Ricardo Romaneiro [Live] + Ricardo Villalobos + Rob Mello + Roman Flügel + Ruf Dug + S_as + Saoirse + Sassy J + Schatrax + Scott Pelloux + Sepehr [Live] + Seth Troxler + Severnaya [Live] + Shane One + Shanti Celeste + Silicon Scally [Live] + Sofay + Solar + Sonja Moonear + Soundwalk Collective [Live] + Steevio & Susybee [Live] + Steve Rice + Storm + Stratowerx + Sync 24 [Live] + Taimur Agha + Tama Sumo + Tasha + Terrence Dixon [Live] + The Ghost + The Mole [Live & Dj Set] + Tom & Phil + Tommy Guerrero [Live] + Tone Dropout + Tristan Da Cunha + Truth & Lies + Ultramarine [Live] + Unai Trotti + Vera + Versalife [Live] + Vladimir Ivkovic + Voigtmann + Wayne Holland + Wes Baggaley + Willow

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LUGAR: Houghton Hall
DIRECCIÓN: Houghton Hall

Del 8 al 11 de agosto de 2019

Described in some quarters as setting a new benchmark for music festivals, Houghton announces a progressive and eclectic group of names for its third edition on 8th-11th August 2019.

After making arguably one of the most successful debuts of recent times in 2017, the festival opted to make only minor improvements to its simple and refined approach in 2018. In 2019, the festival is staying true to its ethos and is continuing to incorporate art, music and sculpture into the beautiful surroundings of Houghton Hall, Norfolk.

The musical programme reflects Craig Richards' eclectic taste, while continuing the festival's tradition of encouraging long extended sets and unique live acts, across bespoke and cutting edge sound systems from German manufacturer d&b audiotechnik.

As always, Houghton casts a spotlight on an array of rising talent and experimental artists. They have also confirmed plans to expand and develop the Pinters stage format, offering a unique 360 soundscape listening environment for jazz, ambient and experimental sounds and inviting artists that promise to explore all of the corners of the musical spectrum. Estonian violinist and vocalist Maarja Nuut, the rapidly rising Object Blue, UK jazz pioneers Matthew Halsall and the Elliot Galvin Trio, German dubtronica trailblazer Pole, and the abstract and beautiful musings of Soundwalk Collective are all appearing.

After extraordinary sets last year, the heavyweight returnees include Ricardo Villalobos, Helena Hauff, Ben UFO, Optimo, Hunee, Seth Troxler, Jane Fitz, Pearson Sound, Andrew Weatherall, Joy Orbison, Powder, Midland and Call Super, whilst debut appearances are lined up for Four Tet, Bruce, DJ Stingray and Biosphere amongst many others, as Houghton's lineup extends to include even more of the most influential figures in electronic music.

Jensen Interceptor is one of Australia's finest electro exports and Mark Ernestus' Ngadda Rhythm Force is an unmissable live band prospect from the hugely influential techno producer. There are also sets from Carl Finlow as Silicon Scally, Vancouver protege D. Tiffany, Floating Points and uniquely Jerry Dammers of The Specials. Palms Trax showcases his deep-digging gems, Calibre and dBridge offer up their unique strain of thunderous bass music and Gerd Janson will be showcasing his eclectic genre spanning commitment to the scene. Harvey Sutherland, Flanger, DMX Krew, Radioactive Man and acclaimed composer Ricardo Romaneiro all deliver live sets unconfined by genre, with Juju & Jordash uniting with Move D to become Magic Mountain High for a welcome live return.


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