Day Zero Masada / Day 1
Chaim + Charlotte De Witte + Damian Lazarus + Dennis Cruz + Diplo + Dj Holographic + Goldcap + Luciano + Micraclis (Live) + Nico Stojan + Parallells (Live) + Saraga

Horario: sin confirmar
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Masada Arena
Dirección: Sin confirmar (Masada , Israel)
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Day Zero has been synonymous with new beginnings since its glorious inception in Mexico’s Mayan jungles in 2012. Since then it has gone on to become one of the world’s most heralded events, combining incredible physical locations, groundbreaking production and world class musical performances, anchored by its founder, Damian Lazarus.

In 2021 as we emerge into a new era, Day Zero will return to the Dead Sea, and the historical and ancient mountain of Masada for an event like no other. Expanding to two unique nights, revelers will come together, dance under starry night skies and observe the sunrise over Biblical mountains and the Dead Sea; Day Zero, presented by @CrosstownRebels & @TheTripping, will again deliver a once in a lifetime chance to  celebrate a new beginning.