Club Sub Rosa: Critical Monday
Holographic Planes + Álvaro Cabana + Rigo Pex

Horario: 01:00 - 06:00
Precio: Antic. 11€ / Taq. 13-15€
Lugar: berlinClub
Dirección: Costanilla de los Ángeles, 20 (Madrid - Madrid, , España)
Más información
NOBODY WILL WORK ON THIS MONDAY.. best excuse to invite Critical Monday Records. The french label was founded by Damon Jee & Bonnie Spacey... and will be showcasing:

Holographic Planes - a project formed by Spanish DJ and label owner Alvaro 'Rotten City' Cabana teaming up with the mighty french Damon Jee, one of the most relevant producers of the new 'cosmic- techno-rock-wave' at this moment. The pressure of techno with synth harps, rock and post punk guitars, electro+ish flavors and the deepness of the 'kosmische' music.

Rigo Pex is Club Sub Rosa's resident dj. His unabashed and eclectic taste transforms the dancefloor in a cocktail where textures and styles mix in a somehow organic way.