Derrick May + Ben Sims + Oliver Way + Dayak

Horario: 23:00 - 05:00
Precio: 25/20 €
Lugar: Muziekgieterij
Dirección: Muziekgieterij (Maastricht , Holanda)
Más información
EPM Music & Linke Soto have teamed up with Techno heavyweight Ben Sims, who after DJing several sold out shows in Maastricht over the last few years, brings his event concept ‘MACHINE’ to the Limburg capital. Alongside him is none other than the ‘Innovator’ himself, Mr Derrick May.  Two DJs that command attention both visually and musically when they perform, bringing an energy and excitement to the dancefloor like no others. They will be supported by residents Oliver Way (EPM) and Dayak (Linke Soto). 
Derrick May remains one of the greatest living figures in electronic music, and one of the few in any genre who has helped to originate a style that has changed the sound and form of popular music across the world: techno.
One of the founding fathers of techno, alongside Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, inspired by European electronic sounds and black American dance music, May, Atkins and Saunderson - the ‘Belleville Three’ - developed a style that was both futuristic and emotional, physical and cerebral. He set up his Transmat label in 1986 to release his own music, but also used it to nurture the next generation of Detroit techno producers, with releases by Silent Phase (Stacey Pullen), Psyche (Carl Craig), Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) and Suburban Knight (James Pennington), amongst others. His classic recordings such as Strings of Life, The Dance, R-Theme and Nude Photo were compiled on the ‘Innovator’ album in 1996.
His vigorously animated approach to playing music, his ability to connect the futuristic with the funky, and to fashion a dramatic, soul-stirring narrative has made him one of the most sought after DJ’s the world over.  We are excited to bring this legend to Maastricht for the first time.
Ben Sims is one of techno’s most exciting talents - a DJ who has stayed true to the genre’s funk, groove and electronic fused origins whilst continuing to embrace and nurture its development over the past 25 years. With anything from 3 to 5 decks running near constantly and hands, faders, effects and EQs a blur as tunes overlap to create a dense and quickly evolving collage of sound, his commitment to the art of mixing never falters and shows why Sims is regarded as one of the true masters on the circuit, both a DJ’s DJ and a straight up party rocker in equal measures.
Besides one of the top international techno DJs he runs his own labels Hardgroove & Symbolism, he has produced releases for some of the most influential European labels from Mote Evolver to Drumcode, to Cosmic to Token via Tresor, CLR.  He has a monthly 3hr ‘Run it Red’ radio show on NTS Live which is devoted to new music and if all that wasn’t enough a succession of dynamic b2b sets with other highly respected techno DJs like DVS1, James Ruskin, ROD, Truncate  & DJ Bone. There’s always something fresh to get excited about with Ben Sims, constantly pushing his vision of techno.  We welcome him back with open arms and look forward to what he brings this time around.
Supporting them for the MACHINE event are EPM’s own Oliver Way aka Mr O from the Detroit Grand Pubahs, and Linke Soto / Soto Club’s resident DJ and founder Dayak.