Dba Presents
Helm + Joshua Cordova + Flo Dill + Dexplicit + Kenny White + Jabu & Daniela Dyson + Dj Chupacabras + Cassie Clarke

Horario: 18:00 - 04:00
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Unit 58
Dirección: Mille Mead Industrial Centre. Mill Mead Rd. (Londres , UK)
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On Saturday August 24th we are broadening our horizons to offer a day and night event reflecting the changing nature of our network. The lineup brings together acts from the burgeoning Texas acid scene, the Detroit - New York house axis, the European experimental new wave, the early days of grime, and the core of London's independent music infrastructure. The venue is a new space in Tottenham and we are one of the first to use it. Tickets from £8.