Makeme X Percolate Present
Objekt X Ezra Miller (Live) + lia Mice (Live)

Horario: 19:00 - 23:00
Precio: 25/18 libras
Lugar: Islington Assembly Hall
Dirección: Upper St (Londres , UK)
Más información
Having cemented his reputation as a producer and spent the past 8 years touring extensively as a DJ, Objekt ventures into pastures new with his first live set, an audiovisual performance featuring material from his 2018 LP "Cocoon Crush" on PAN, as well as selected works from his earlier discography. The visuals were developed by Ezra Miller, an artist working across many digital disciplines to create real-time generative art, interactive websites and immersive experiences, whose recent collaborations with electronic musicians include developing and performing visuals for Yves Tumor’s live act.

Support comes from Optimo Music artist Lia Mice, whose unique productions are the result of years of studio experimentation with technology old and new including analog samplers, Max/MSP, self-hacked instruments and 8-track tape. Mice's all-hardware live AV sets incorporate custom-designed instruments and live voice sampling with audio-reactive visuals. Shape-shifting between hard-hitting beats and experimental soundscapes.