Natural Selection
Speedy J + Delta Funktionen + Aeons At Play aka Radial & Operator (Live) + Vc-118a (Live) + Kodah B2B Annie Hall + Swarmm

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Lugar: FOLD
Dirección: Gillian House, Stephenson St (Londres UK)
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NATURAL SELECTION are thrilled to announce their 1st rave of 2020 at their home-base; FOLD, London, bringing another savage lineup consisting of some of the most cutting-edge artists in the scene, including one of the most notorious Techno artists that has graced the scene since the early 90's; Speedy J (NL):

SPEEDY J (Electric Deluxe, Stoor)
DELTA FUNKTIONEN (Delsin, MORD, Radio Matrix)
AEONS AT PLAY (Radial & Operator) (live) (Audio Assault, MORD) (1st Ever Show)
VC-118A (live) (Delsin, Frustrated Funk, Cultivated Electronics)
KODAH b2b ANNIE HALL (Natural Selection, FOLD, CPU)
SWARMM (Natural Selection, FOLD)