Interdimensional Transmissions Presents No Way Back
Eris Drew + Patrick Russell + Derek Plaslaiko + Bmg + Erika (Live) + Mike Servito + Bryan Kasenic + Mozhgan & Solar + Scott Zacharias + Carlos Souffront (Freeform Set) + Raica (Live) + Suzanne Ciani (Live) + Organic Dial (Live) + [John Elliott And Andrew Veres] + Fronte Violeta (Live) + Adam Arthur (Live) + Vicki Siolos + Grant Aaron

Horario: 18:00 - sin confirmar
Precio: Gratis
Lugar: Internet
Dirección: Internet (Internet , Internet)

Más información
A 36+ hour take on No Way Back, with 24 hours of the No Way Back room, and 12+ hours of the Outer Space room immediately following. An excess of the mindmelting wormhole dance experience flowing into a day of floating in space and beyond. 

Begins at Noon, Saturday May 29, 2021 EDT
Ending sometime after Midnight, Sunday May 30, 2021, EDT

Full line-up:

Eris Drew // Patrick Russell // Derek Plaslaiko // BMG // Erika (live) // Mike Servito // Bryan Kasenic // Mozhgan & Solar // Scott Zacharias // Carlos Souffront (freeform set) // Raica (live) // Suzanne Ciani (live) // Organic Dial (live) // [John Elliott and Andrew Veres] // Fronte Violeta (live) // Adam Arthur (live) // Vicki Siolos // Grant Aaron

We are also releasing IT47 And Now We Know Nothing Remixed the same week, with a coloured vinyl version available during the stream. Featuring new takes on Israel Vines tracks from Cub (Regis & Simon Shreeve), Ectomorph, Further Reductions and Ken Meier. 

This is our second year without a defined physical space, without the transformation installation art from Amber Gillen, without our physical community. While we feel confident that we will be able to host Return to the Source 2022 at the Tangent, this year we must stream again. In all this time apart, we have all grown and thought so much about things, we all really want to see an evolution in society and sound. We feel there is no better time for things to get weird, we all have longer attention spans, and we want more out of our culture. Let the music throb in psychedelic rivers of sound.

This streaming format allows us to give people longer sets to flesh out their ideas, and to have people perform for which travel might prohibit their participation. This year we expand and deepen the experience of the Outer Space Room, our ambient and experimental freeform continuum, usually the room happening next to the No Way Back dance room in a physical environment. The benefit of this being a stream allows us to present it for your full immersion starting directly after 24 hours of No Way Back, beginning with the maestro Scott Zacharias bridging the two concepts. In the stream he begins the Outer Space Room flow, at the party he would close it with a special sunrise set. One of the greatest things about the last year is that it gave people time to comprehend what he does, and that has been wonderful to witness. Our minds are opening, we are getting weirder (in the best ways). 

We are very excited to add a hero of synthesis to the Outer Space Room, Suzanne Ciani performing on her Buchla in ambisonic sound. We will also have guests from Brazil, Fronte Violeta, and Raica aka Chloe Harris of Further Records in Seattle. Also new this year are Adam Arthur on his Buchla and Funktion-One soundsystem broadcasting from rural Arkansas, and Vicki Siolos from Brooklyn. Carlos Souffront will join us with a genre and mindbending freeform set. We also have our residents Organic Dial live (John Elliott and Andrew Veres, formerly known as Outer Space) and Grant Aaron of Mysteries of the Deep doing a closing set.

The stream will broadcast through our friends The Bunker NY’s platform. The music will be mastered by Jim Gibbons of AVS and the visuals will be composed by the deep and subtle hands of the master of Touch Designer ACE.