Club Matryoska X Ctm: Project Hyphae
33emybw + pisitakun + De Grandi + Bored Lord + Moa Pillar + S280f / 011668 / Vvxxii + Sonia Calico + Amazondotcom + Mary Anne Hobbs + Rroxymore + Object Blue + W00dy + T0ni + Tegh + Frktl +  Floating Sound Nation + Aya B2B Xin + Zuli

Horario: 17:00 - 23:00
Precio: Gratis
Lugar: Internet
Dirección: Internet (Internet , Internet)

Más información
Stage 1
17:00 33EMYBW
17:30 Pisitakun
18:00 De Grandi
18:30 Bored Lord
19:00 Moa Pillar
19:30 S280F / 011668 / VVXXII
20:00 Sonia Calico
21:00 Amazondotcom
21:30 Mary Anne Hobbs
22:00 rRoxymore
22:30 object blue
23:00 W00dy

Stage 2
17:00 t0ni
18:00 Tegh
19:00 FRKTL
20:00 Floating Sound Nation
21:00 AYA b2b xin
22:00 ZULI

The Alpha Lebbeus planet is an enigma. Not much is known about the origins of its inhabitants, other than the myths that they share with us. They believe that their ancestors – the Past Ones – were masters of matter and space, bending nature to their will in constant pursuit of energy. When there was no planet left to mine, no star left to extract energy from, the Past Ones turned to the centre of the universe to tap into the ultimate power source: Yggdrasil, the three of life that binds together space and time. When the tree's last leaf fell from exhaustion, night fell over all galaxies. With this darkness came a deluge of creatures even more insatiable and tyrannical than the Past Ones. They are known as the Havocites, the new overlords of the galaxies…
This is the state of Alpha Lebbeus, 40 years after we first explored the expansive planet during the debut collaboration between Club Matryoshka and CTM in August 2020. With this follow-up collaboration, Club Matryoshka have expanded on this unique Minecraft world, together with a story-based gameplay narrative co-developed with artist collective Children of Cyberspace, which will be revealed bit-by-bit ahead of the event.
The six-hour journey is soundtracked by live and DJ sets created by a diverse group of emerging artists from around the globe, curated in a collaborative spirit by Club Matryoshka and CTM.
Enveloping Alpha Lebbeus in sound will be cutting-edge selections from BBC 6’s infamous Mary Anne Hobbs; Taiwan's Sonia Calico mixing strokes of dancehall, kuduro, and gqom in a seamless blend with traditional East Asian instrumentation; a gravitational mind/body set by object blue; a full-on euphoric club takeover by Rinse Paris resident De Grandi; the simultaneously psychedelic and austere creations of multimedia and noise activist Pisitakun; Siete Catorce collaborator Amazondotcom's hypnotic grooves and abstract zaps; groove-heavy productions by holistic raver Bored Lord; 33EMYBW's peculiar, fragmented sound world rooted in insects, aliens, and other creatures; 160 bpm monster Moa Pillar bringing vibes of late-90s Russian MTV; the unabashed speaker-freak dancefloor joy of W00dy; the surgically precise sound and vision of S280F / 011668 / VVXXII; the idiosyncratic takes on classic club styles by Berlin's Rroxymore, who »is unafraid to throw a wrench into her steady grooves« (Fact); AYA and xin‘s pecial ambient set for the world’s experimental music floor, alongside multi-instrumentalist and DJ ZULI who brings alien broken rhythm mutations of IDM and UK bass IDM; FRKTL’s broken beats, expansive cascading noise, and sonic suspense; introspective minimal productions by t0ni; and evocations of personal perceptions and struggles by Tegh and Floating Sound Nation, their sounds ranging from droning to dreamy.
Founded in 2019, Club Matryoshka is an international virtual venue, home and safe haven to underground and unorthodox music mutants. Based in the Philippines and built in Minecraft, Club Matryoshka was founded and developed by a community of gamers, artists, and musicians: similarobjects, dot.jaime, cavill, ahju$$i, JohnPope, and Maengo69 felt a lack of freedom and acceptance in club scenes, both in Manila and abroad, and sought alternative avenues for sharing their work and finding community. The club opened in July 2019, barely a year before COVID-19 would bring in-person events and nightlife to a halt.