Kozzmozz Present 'this Is Not A Mind Trip'
Kobosil + Kr!z + Remco Beekwilder + Spacid + The Advent (Live)

Horario: 23:00 - 06:00
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Vooruit
Dirección: Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23 (Gante , Bélgica)
Más información
Kobosil is considered one of techno’s fastest rising DJs and producers, having helped pioneer a sound that is at once deep, fast and aggressive. Aside from releasing regularly on Ostgut Ton, Kobosil also runs his own R - Label Group imprint. He’s crowned as prince of Berghain’s youth academy. With a finely tuned feeling for hard hitting techno, he has been skilfully turning the legendary techno palace upside down for years and will undoubtedly do so when he takes over the Kozzmozz-decks.

Kr!z has been a Kozzmozz-resident for more than a decade now but he’s much more than that and can easily take his place between the international guests. Kr!z always had a strong sympathy for the more gloomy, dark, rawer sound of techno. His Token label nights are also a great success with memorable nights in Berlin (Berghain & Tresor), Shanghai, London, Rotterdam to South America. He is the most requested Belgian DJ in Berghain and recently mixed a Podcasts for Resident Advisor.

Remco Beekwilder’s productions continue to be mature, ranging from energetic hooks and depth to rawness and playful riffs. Embracing the underground electronic culture with open arms, he formed his label EMERALD. His monumental LSD EP appeared on Monnom Black and shows his diversity and capability as a producer. With his energetic and deep sound, clearly rooted in hard hiting techno, Remco is taking the world by storm to win you over at our next Kozzmozz edition.

Next to guiding the Kozzmozz space ship into new and unexplored territories on each new occasion, you can regularly catch Spacid on various parties and festivals around the country. He has been promoting techno since the early 90’s but never ties down to one particular style. With an ever-burning search for innovation and the next thing, he knows how to inspire a room like no other and always gives the right pass for a magical night.

The Advent became a techno producer and performed live techno shows years before the rest of the world had even heard about the genre. Together with Colin McBean, he set a worldwide standard for high quality underground Electro and Techno. Nowadays The Advent is a solo project, releasing at his own ‘Kombination Research imprint’, Ben klock’s ‘Klockworks’ label and together with CJ Bolland he currently has a big hit on Adam Byers’ Drumcode label. He is globally known for bombarding the crowds with his trademark, which is a raw, hard and energetic sound. Prepare yourself as he will attack your eardrums at our next edition. Take shelter or obey.