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Waking Life 2019
A. Brehme + Adiel + Aleksi Perälä + Alpha Steppa + Astropulse Space System + Ateq + Baby Vulture + Barbara Preisinger + Beatpete + Ben Kaczor + Ben Ufo + Berllioz + Bruno Pronsato + ∞compounds + Dbridge + Deadbeat Deepchord + Dewalta + Dexter + Digby + Dj Dustin + Dj So + Drama + Dwig + E/tape + Edward + Efdemin + Eli Verveine + Elli + Enkō + Fernando Martinez + Forest Drive West + Four Tet + Francisco Oliveira + Fred Scharf + Funkamente + Gems Under The Horizon + Gigi Masin + Gols + Hailu Mergia + Horror Inc. + Jmcee + Johanna Knutsson + Jon Orve + Jonny Nash + Kim Kenis + Koodoo + Lakuti + Lamaz + Laura Bcr + Lawrence + Leafar Legov + Levon Vincent + Maayan Nidam + Mad Miran + Map.Ache + Masayoshi Fujita +  Matt Karmil + Melchior Productions Ltd + Mike Stellar + Molly + Mosley Jr + Mountain People + Move D + Nathan Fake + Natural/electronic.System. + Naty Seres + Nikita Zabelin + Nosedrip + Ö + Olaf Boswijk + Oren Ambarchi + Oulad + Pandilla Ltd + Paquita Gordon + Phrex + Port Do Soul + Portable + Powder + Ramzi + Raresh + Rasmus Fisker + Re:ni + Rhadoo + Robles + Robohands + Roman Flügel + Rups + Sa Pa + Schaaly + Schatrax + Sebastian Mullaert + Selecta Fontes + Selva Arterial + Seth Troxler + Skatebård + Skudge + Stavroz + Sundae Sue + Takaaki Itoh + Terrence Dixon + Thiago Guiselini + Tig + Tobias. + Tommy Guerrero + Tren Go! Sound System + V.I.V.E.K + Vlada + Vril + Wata Igarashi + Will Grant + Xique Xique + Young Warrior + Yussef Dayes + Zozo

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LUGAR: Recinto
PAÍS: Portugal

Del 14 al 19 de agosto de 2019

The program will start on Wednesday August 14th with an opening show of Circle of Live ft. Johanna Knutsson, Leafar Legov, Masayoshi Fujita, Matt Karmil and Sebastian Mullaert, and will run continuously until Monday August 19th. This year the festival's Apuro platform will extensively expand. Through Apuro, they aim to explore different themes, following a central core of ideas that are the motor of our actions and practices. This encompasses forms of reconnecting with the self as well as critical thinking and mind exploration.

Waking Life is a collaborative platform; an open stage being brought to life by the joint vision of those participating. Art is at the very heart of the project; they offer a place for a temporary community to create and experiment, but the installations, happenings and silliness is up to you to discover. There’s still the possibility to apply with an installation, performance or a creative camp. The festival is also looking for volunteers during Waking Life. Get involved at

Ecology is one of our main pillars. By taking several measures such as the installation of a grid connection in combination with solar energy, building compost toilets, thorough waste and water management, data collection, investing in carbon offset projects, and focusing on working with local suppliers, they try to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. Throughout the year, they work on several projects to environmentally and socially regenerate the land and region.



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