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D.R.O.P #15
Black Loops + Virginie aka Vir + Jana La Fontaine + Bonny Soul

Horario: 00:00 - 06:00
Precio: 10

LUGAR: This Side Up
DIRECCIÓN: Av. Parallel 37
LOCALIDAD: Barcelona
PROVINCIA: Barcelona
PAÍS: España

“Groovy, sexy, soulful, funky, smooth, deep, driving, warm, emotional & Italian”. That’s how Black Loops describes his sound. Embrace your inner dance-floor hero and feel the rhythm pulsate through your body with a line-up made for non-stop booty-shaking and all-night love-making. Joining him for his Barcelona début is the city's undisputed vinyl-Queen, Virginie, plus D.R.O.P perennial favourites, Jana La Fontaine and Bonny Soul. Unmissable line-up.

▂▂▂ WHAT IS D.R.O.P?▂▂▂
D.R.O.P isn’t just another party night. It’s a community for music lovers, for dance lovers, for all those with open minds and open hearts. Let us take you on a musical journey through the history of House, Disco, Funk, Soul and Groove from the lofts of Chicago, Detroit and NY winding up in the basements of Berlin, Amsterdam and London.
Be prepared to dance: this is a rave. We dance until our feet no longer hold. We surrender ourselves to the uncontrollable desire to move our body and enter a higher state of ecstasy. We laugh, we play, we spread love, we make love. Join us in celebrating freedom of expression and diversity.
Everybody is equal on the dancefloor.
Listen to the sound of D.R.O.P on Spotify:

We reserve the right to eject any person who does not respect the vibe. NO to all forms of discrimination (homophobia, racism, sexual harassment etc).

[Nos reservamos el derecho de expulsar a aquellos que no respeten la vibra. NO a todas las formas de discriminación (homofobia, racismo, acoso sexual etc).]

1. Open mind and open heart.
2. Your favourite dancing shoes.
3. Incredible sound system. This is a rave.
4. Drag queens + live performances.
5. Body painting + art exhibition.

▂▂▂ TICKETS ▂▂▂
We STRONGLY RECOMMEND buying tickets online to guarantee entry after a series of SOLD OUT events. Buy your ticket online now and avoid disappointment on the night.

◈ Pre 1am entry (50): FREE [STRICTLY 1 PER NAME]
◈ 1st Release: €7
◈ 2nd Release: €9
◈ 3rd Release: €11
◈ 4th Release: €13
◈ En Taquilla/OTD: €15

The ten adjectives Riccardo Paffeti chooses to summarise his musical style tells you all you need to know about the rising Italian DJ and Producer: “Groovy, sexy, soulful, funky, smooth, deep, driving, warm, emotional & Italian”. In recent years, the artist has become an established name on the international House scene, thanks to his distinctive sound that draws influences from funk, soul, disco setting dance-floors alight. With major releases on some of the scene’s most referential labels, Classic Music Co and Toy Tonics, and commonly featuring alongside other greats such as Demuja, Bellaire, Adryiano and Harrison BDP, the Italian artist is quickly becoming an underground legend for all those who really appreciate true groove. Not to be missed.

▂▂▂ VIRGINIE ▂▂▂
Virginie, the vinyl-queen, returns to D.R.O.P with her sexy groove. Expect an exquisite musical selection which fuses Soul, Funk, House, Disco and Afrobeat: this is bold, cheeky music that oozes passion and is guaranteed to get you dancing.
The Venezuelan-born DJ spent her formative years in 90s New York; it is here she refined her unique musical style. She has played at renowned festivals both internationally and nationally (DGTL, Primavera Sound, Sónar, SoundEat, Down by the Laituru, Cruilla Fest) as well as consistently appearing at Barcelona's top music venues (Soho House, Marula Café, Razzmatazz). Tune in to ‘Vibe Delicious’ on CC Radio to hear the quality of her music selection.

Jana La Fontaine returns to D.R.O.P after a killer session at our sold out LAB event in June. Despite her recent arrival on the electronic music scene, her meticulous selection and seamless transitions between tracks produce refined and intense sets that leave their mark on her audience. Her style is characterised by a complex blend of melodic sounds and darker beats. Prepare to be spellbound by her positive and dynamic energy that flows onto the dance floor.

▂▂▂ BONNY SOUL ▂▂▂
Manchester-born Bonny Soul has one mission: to get the people dancing. The selector and co-founder of D.R.O.P Barcelona eludes any one genre in favour of feel-good grooves, be it new or old, obscure or popular. If Beniso brings bass then Bonny Soul brings funk: expect to hear disco, afrobeat, house, jazz and funk and house from across the globe and across the decades woven together to create seriously danceable journeys. In short, if it puts a smile on your face and has you asking 'what is this tune?!', she'll play it.



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