Kindcrime Off Week 2016
Alex Bau (Clr / Cocoon) + kardinal (Kindcrime / Phobiq) + necroboy (Kindcrime) + wes Yvaez (Kindcrime / Stick) + element Helluminati Klan(Kindcrime) + r-77 (La Trinchera)

Horario: 23:00 - 06:00
Precio: sin confirmar
Lugar: The Warehouse
Dirección: Carrer de Méxic 7. Sala Instint (Barcelona - Barcelona, , España)
Más información
A tiny dark room, smoke, an industrial feeling, some of the finest Techno soundscapes around: Join us for this gloomy showcase in one of Barcelona's most underground clubs, where Kindcrime will offer a raw but delicious gathering of fat beats and Berliner atmospheres, shaping once again, in an infinite loop, selected cyberpunk experiences in the hologram.

Kindcrime Recordings, founded in Rome by Necroboy in 2009, is focused on the dark sides of both Techno and Breaks and aims to spread its love for technology and quality environment with the creation of an awful lot of inspiring electronic music, Kindcrime is an internationally recognized label with more than 190 digital releases available on all the best digital stores like iTunes and Beatport and streaming platforms like Spotify.

So we constantly represent in the Techno and EDM scenes with true passion and an on-going research made with sensibility for the intelligent sound designing we always try to deliver. We have in our roster more than 100 producers that, day after day, made possible our incessant growth, in fact thanks to a lot of different visions we can truly accomplish our mission and generate an actual realistic musical movement, and not just in music production terms but also as djs and events organizers.
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