Kave Presents Locals
Paul Van Lage + Keller-k + Curi + Mycola + Ury Wan

Horario: 00:00 - 06:00
Precio: 5/10/18 €
Lugar: The Club M7
Dirección: c/ México, 7 (Barcelona - Barcelona, España)
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KAVE pres. Locals

Sometimes we forget about what music really means, we forget about the people. And Kave brings that to you. Immerse yourself in our Kave, the cave in the middle of the jungle called Barcelona where you can find local DJs, surrounded by people who want to feel the music while having fun with their friends. The Kave where everyone is welcomed.

Music by:
Paul Van Lage
Ury Wan

[Till 02:00 am]
5 ticket + beer
10 ticket + drink

[From 02:00 am]
10 ticket + drink
18 ticket + 2 drinks

The club M7
Carrer de Mèxic, 7 Barcelona