Melting Pot Invites Thood & Lup
Lup + Ku$s + Sebastian Poblete + Nulek + Marco

Horario: 23:00 - 05:00
Precio: Desde 8 €
Lugar: Casa Gracia
Dirección: Passeig de Gracia, 116 Bis (Barcelona - Barcelona, , España)
Más información
Minimal/Micro-House music on a with a proper sound system, chill areas and extra activities. Melting Pot Parties has the ambition to gather people from different part of the world and make them discover worldwide and local artists in the best conditions.

For the first time Melting Pot team up the same night with both of most significant of our partners in crime who could be consider as our residents: Lup & Thood. Peruvians and Argentinians following in love with each other about music and sharing vinyls references during serval Melting Pot Parties ended up all together to decide to team up to give you the feeling to be at home, with friends and family at Casa Gracia. Because yes, it will feel like a family gathering and you'll be 100% part of it !