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Whitenoise Expomusic
Neo Akira + Nicolas Falvo

Horario: 22:00 - 03:00
Precio: Sin confirmar

LUGAR: Belafonte
DIRECCIÓN: c/ Doctor Trueta, 192
LOCALIDAD: Barcelona
PROVINCIA: Barcelona
PAÍS: España

Más Información

Electronic music meets Art in this particular night. White Noise want to introduce you 4 amazing artlovers that we are very proud to promote for our second event. Photography, Painting and Electronic music are combined all together at once in the same night. Music is Art but Art isn't only Music! We want to announce the followers Artlovers: - Pipi Amuchastegui: Photography Exposition 10pm _"I like to be versatile, renew and innovate, i work combining and covering various branches of art from a cinematic perpective and always seeking to develop my own style"_ Photography/Expo: "Silence" White Noise Bio_ Website_ - Elena Anna Viktoria Fet: Painting Exposition 10pm _ "Creativity is not something you can define. It can 't be valued either. It's something that comes from inside and does not have explanation"_ Painting/Expo: "Indefinible" White Noise Bio_ - Nicolas Falvo Dj set from 1am to 3am Listen to: - Neo Akira Dj set from 11pm to 1am Listen to: -5 euro at the door with drink from 10pm until 3am. -If you present the event flyer at the door, you will get free entry from 10pm to 11pm. Thanks to the collaboration of the La Radio. The event will be promote on wednesday 5/10/16 at Thanks to Nahuel Faggiano to give us this opportunity. We very appreciate it! White noise is something that we all heard. ---- WN is the noise produced by combining all the different frequencies of sound together at once. Each of those frequencies is projected in a equal amount from low to high. It is called white by analogy with the fact that a similar spectrum of electromagnetic radiation within band of visible light would appear to the human eye as white light ---- - THE PURPOSE OF WN PERFORMING ART IS TO COMBINE ALL THE DIFFERENT DISCIPLINES OF ART TOGETHER AT ONCE JUST LIKE THE WHITE NOISE DOES WITH FREQUENCIES - For this reason, we actually don't want to use the expression "Musiclovers" anymore but "Artlovers". All types of art are welcome to this project. "Try to become noise, movement and all around you, it will appear calm"... Paul Morand, Le Voyage, 1927


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