Jeff Mills Presents The Edgar Mitchell Affair
Jeff Mills (All Night Long)

Horario: 23:00 - 05:00
Precio: Sin confirmar
Lugar: Ampere
Dirección: Simonsstraat 21 (Amberes , Bélgica)
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Brace yourselves for a night in paranormal and ufology. A transformable musical journey to the moon’s lunar surface and back. Along the way, you might cross paths alien life or maybe even discover you are actually from a different planet yourself, co-existing with humans all along, without even noticing these differences.

In a conceptual dance party, we accentuate and celebrate the ideas of NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s 6-day mission to space on the Apollo 14. On February 9th (49 years ago), he successfully returned back to earth and became a notable and outspoken figure on the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

There is a dress code for this occasion:
Come as something different other than yourself. Transform your appearance. You choose. Free creative make-up assistance will be provided at the location. Your creative cooperation is an aspect of great importance for a full experience.

Visuals curated and DJ set performed by Jeff Mills all night.
Presale: Apollo €14 available from Tuesday 22 Jan. 13:00 CET.
Date: Feb 9th, 2019
Launch: 23:00 Landing: 05:00